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Anti-vaxxer Aaron Rodgers has always considered himself a free thinker, but now his thoughts may land him in court. During one of his frequent appearances on ESPN’s The Pat McAfee Show, he took aim at late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel with some baseless allegations. Alongside fellow sports analyst A.J. Hawk, Pat McAfee brought up the […]

Some people never learn. But in this latest episode of (alleged) celebrity shenanigans, that phrase could equally apply to actor/comedian Kevin Hart or YouTuber Tasha K. Hart is suing Tasha K, whose government name is LaTasha Kebe, and his former personal assistant, Miesha Shakes, after an interview on Kebe’s channel, Unwine With Tasha K, where […]

For the last several years, comedian Dave Chappelle has managed to come out of hiding annually and drop a politically incorrect comedy special that simultaneously upsets several communities. This year was no different, as Chappelle celebrated New Year’s Eve by releasing his latest Netflix special, The Dreamer. Despite his constant war with the transgender community, […]

New York, the city that birthed one of the GOAT rappers, Jay-Z, has found a way to honor him again. The Brooklyn-born billionaire may soon have his own day in New York City thanks to a new bill proposed by NYC’s City Councilmembers. The proposal asks that Dec.4 –Hov’s birthday– be deemed as Jay-Z Day […]

In a (very) rare about-face, Kanye West is apologizing. No, that’s not a typo– the constantly embattled Chicago rapper and super producer has decided that his antisemitic comments were wrong and did something about it. Ye took to Instagram to address the Jewish community, adding that he didn’t mean to disrespect the religious group and […]

Actress Taraji P. Henson has been a major publicity run with the cast of The Color Purple and for most of it, the actresses were expressing a united front of feel-good Black girl magic. But that’s until Gayle King, interviewing Henson, Danielle Brooks and director, Blitz Bazawule, asked her about a rumor that she wanted […]

The early aughts were flooded with a lot of questionable fashion, like 5XL T-shirts and jeans that were baggy beyond belief. Harlem legend and rapper Cam’ron had no issues rocking the oversized fits, but as with most things, he had to add his flair by rocking pink. By now, we all know the iconic photos […]

Former New York Rep. George Santos—the man who conned his way into Congress and was recently expelled—must understand deep down that he’s a joke. Why else would he agree to sit down for a spoof interview by spoof interviewer Ziwe and her spoof CNN network “ZNN”? He had to know he was going to get mocked to death. And […]

Social media is already moving on from Jonathan Majors as Kang and giving Damson Idris the role.

If shooting your shot was a person, it might be Cam’ron. The Harlem legend finally had the chance to link up with his crush, Nia Long, as they both attended sports agent Rich Paul‘s 42nd birthday party on Saturday night. While enjoying the festivities, the actress and Cam took some pictures together, immediately sparking rumors […]

Zion Williamson isn’t the only young NBA star who has women coming out of the woodwork following a pregnancy announcement. Anthony Edwards, one of the leading players on the Minnesota Timberwolves, is now caught up with an Instagram model, who alleges that she was pregnant with his child when he persuaded her to get an […]

UPDATE: DEC. 21, 3:00 PM Since being arrested on murder charges, former NBA G League player Chance Comanche has admitted to strangling 23-year-old Marayna Rodgers –a sex worker and associate of his former girlfriend Sakari Harnden– with an HDMI cord.  After choking her for 10 seconds he stopped, while Harnden continued choking her. Court documents […]