Online sports betting is scheduled to be available in New York early in 2022, giving millions of residents of the Empire State one less reason to slum it over to “Dirty Jersey” to get their gambling fix. This is a major win for the sports betting enthusiast who are sick of making the reverse commute into the Garden State. However, it’s an even bigger win for the legions of New Yorkers who have patiently waited for the opportunity to place their first legitimate wager with an online sportsbook in the United States (to say nothing of the tourists that can add to their fun by placing a live wager during intermission of their first Broadway play).

You can now add Michael Jordan as the latest big-name personality to get in on the NFT wave.


From data privacy to gaming to automotive advancements, these five Black women are notable figures in the tech industry with careers that are helping to break more ground for those who want more diversity in action in that industry.

Fitbit is giving premium members the chance to work out with Will Smith and his training team.

Twitter is taking a very firm stance on stopping the spread of COVID-19 misinformation.