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Between impulse buying or statement pieces, figuring out what you really need in your closet— or anything else around your crib– can leave you scratching your head. Some things are worth investing in, while others are a quick purchase via Amazon. But either way, sometimes it’s helpful when someone can cut through all the noise and recommend some dope products that they actually like.

Welcome to Cassius Approves, where we’ll give tips on what to cop, if we’re really a fan of the items and everything you need to know about it to decide if it’s needed in your life. This week we took a look at some loungewear that will keep you from looking from bummy on Zoom, a book that Off White-loving sneakerheads will love, a fire pair of earbuds thanks to Samsung‘s new offering, and more.

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1. UnderGents Loungewear

UnderGents Swagger Loungewear Source:UnderGents

If you’ve been lucky enough to keep your job amid the year-long pandemic, your sweats and loungewear are likely getting more wear than ever before. And just because you’re stuck home doesn’t mean you can’t still look decent on those endless Zoom calls. UnderGents has you covered in the age of Working From Home with its Swagger loungewear available in black, white, and grey sets for $50. And if Santa didn’t drop off any new underwear in your stocking this year, the brand also sells some of the most comfortable underwear on the market thanks to its exclusive CloudSoftTM fabric. Upgrade your Work from home uniform here.

2. Gillette SkinGuard and Styler

Gillette SkinGuard and Styler Source:Gillette

If your New Year resolution is to get your skin right or you’ve decided that the quarantine beard isn’t right for you, Gillette has you covered. Men of color often have sensitive skin and shaving can often be a hassle due to irritation, but with the Gillette Skin Guard that’s a problem of the past thanks to there being just two blades –opposed to the normal 5– to cut down on contact. And if you’re just looking to clean up the goatee or your neckline, the precision trimmer on the back has you covered. You can cop it on Gillette’s webstore for just $17.

3. NIKE, Inc. and Virgil Abloh Book ICONS

NIKE, Inc. and Virgil Abloh Book ICONS Source:NIke

Books aren’t your thing, we get it. But that’s only because you haven’t found one that piques your interest– or just looks great on your coffee table. And as you’d expect a book by Virgil Abloh, ads just enough pop to get people to notice it. Entitled ICONS,  in conjunction with Nike, shows the design process the designer used to tear down some of the brand’s most iconic sneakers only to rebuild them with his own flair.

“The foundation of my practice isn’t nearly the end result — it’s rigor and process of the logic. The archive is the paper trail of those artifacts,” says Abloh.

Cop it now at Taschen.

4. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro

Galaxy Buds Pro Source:Galaxy Buds Pro

There are tons of options out there to choose from when it comes to wireless earbuds and headphones, but Samsung has definitely made the case early as to why it’s new Galaxy Buds Pro is the best wearable device out right now. 

The Galaxy Buds Pro is the Korean tech giant’s answer to Apple’s AirPods Pro. The buds take the Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Buds Live best features to give wearers a pair of buds that provide a comfortable fit paired with some groundbreaking technology. 

For $199, the Galaxy Buds Pro features a new in-ear design that “reduces the contact area between your ear and the bud, improving comfort and minimizing any clogged-up feeling,” Samsung proudly announced.  Users can also look forward to experiencing the “best audio experience yet” thanks to the Galaxy Buds Pro’s 11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter. 

Active noise cancellation has been improved substantially thanks to the Galaxy Bud Pro’s ability to create a full seal when inserted into your ear. Our favorite feature is definitely the device’s ability to instantly recognize your voice and switch into the ambient sound mode and lower music volume allowing you to engage in a conversation without you having to take out the buds. 

The Galaxy Buds Pro is definitely a gamechanger. You can pick yourself up a pair in one of three color options by heading here

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