In a move that is long overdue, Major League Baseball has officially upgraded the Negro Leagues to "Major League" status. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers should be home still marveling at their World Series victory. Instead, they will be quarantining.

Carmelo Anthony is calling out several professional sports teams for disrespecting and appropriating Native American history.

The Houston Astros players are finally in the hot seat after their elaborate cheating scandal was unearthed. After getting embroiled in a sign-stealing controversy, Astros owner Jim Crane decided to address the media and subsequently the fans. “I want to say again how sorry our team is for what happened,” Crane said. “I want to repeat […]

Teams or players using whatever advantage they can get over their opponents is nothing new, its been going on since the dawn of competition. But there are times when professional organizations or athletes go a tad bit too far and wind up getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar leading to some of […]

Derek Jeter and Larry Walker have been voted to the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday January 21st. Derek Jeter broke Ken Griffey Jr.’s record for most votes to get in with a jaw-dropping 99.7 percent of voters agreeing he should get in, he received 396 of a possible 397 votes. Shame on that […]

Major League Baseball has finally figured out a justifiable punishment for the Houston Astros. During the 2017 World Series, the Texas team began stealing signs, noting what the opposing pitcher was throwing next and properly preparing the batter for it. Stealing signs isn’t technically against official MLB rules, but because the Astros went above and […]