The NFL was in a different, seemingly unbeatable place back when Colin Kaepernick first decided to protest police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem back in 2016. The league had weathered the storm of criticism from its mishandling of domestic violence cases, namely the Ray Rice incident, powered through lawsuits and accusations that it […]

Plugs all over NYC are probably wondering if they have been a victim of this jig. Five people were busted for allegedly selling $73 million worth of fake Nike Air Jordan sneakers in the New York Area. If the sneakers were authentic, they’d be valued at approximately $73M. would be the real value of the […]

New Balance basketball sneakers? Sounds weird, right?  Well according to reports the company best known for its running sneakers and your dad’s favorite pair of grilling kicks wants to take another stab at the basketball market. That’s right basketball sneaker aficionados, New Balance wants your money, and according to’s Nick DePaula, the company is actively considering signing […]

To get creative approval from Anna Wintour is a big deal in the fashion industry. Nike received this blessing is releasing some sneakers in her honor. Anytime the famed Vogue magazine Editor-in-chief gives her consent for a project she writes “AWOK” which stands for “Anna Wintour Okay”. In their first-ever women’s collaboration for Jordan Brand, the sneaker giant is releasing two […]

  Roger Federer’s bag just got a lot heavier. The tennis star’s deal with Nike is over and he’s opted to rock the Japanese brand, Uniqlo. The deal is worth upwards of $300 million over the next 10 years and will be the first time he’s rocked a brand another than Nike since signing with the […]