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Nick Cannon Says He Would Vote For Kanye West

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhtoosByBeanz

We sincerely hope this is a case of Nick Cannon showcasing his sarcasm.


TMZ caught up with Cannon at LAX on Friday (Aug.8) and asked the mogul a series of quick questions. When the photog asked Cannon what he thought about Kanye West running for president, Nick responded: “I love it!”

When the photog further added that Ye’s bid for the White House could take votes away from democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and help Trump get reelected, Cannon says, “he’s not sure” and that he “hasn’t been paying the much attention to it.” On the subject of whether the Wild ‘n Out host would cast a vote for the troubled rapper, Cannon giggles and says “yeah” when the photog pushes back and says “you are not” Cannon asks “why not?” then adding “we need another Black man in there [the White House].”

Well, if Cannon is indeed serious about voting for Kanye West, he is willingly participating in a Republican-led effort to siphon off Black votes from Biden by using the “Good Life” crafter. A plan some members of the GOP believe could backfire for the orange menace. Ye confirmed that is indeed the case in a recent Forbes interview didn’t deny that his goal is to damage Biden’s chances at winning, telling the publication’s staff writer Randall Lane “I’m not denying it; I just told you.”

Donald Trump, who was Kanye’s homeboy, stated he likes West “very much” but has nothing to do with the Chicago rapper getting on the ballot claiming “we’ll have to see what happens.”

The sloppy plan has already met some speed bumps. Recently Kanye West got kicked off the Illinois ballot after 1,928 of the signatures he acquired were deemed invalid, making him well short of the 2,500 required to be considered a presidential candidate on the state’s ballots.

Again we would like to believe that Nick Cannon is was just joking, but then yet, like he said in the video, “stranger things have happened in 2020.”


Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhtoosByBeanz