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I’m sure many of you are reading the headline and rolling your eyes, wondering how in the hell someone can “thinkpiece” the calamity that was Nicki Minaj and Safaree arguing over hairlines, Tyga, Taz Angel debit card charges, and Meek Mill’s sex life. I get it. All of that was peak Twitter comedy that even […]

You don’t have to be superhuman (or super famous) to make the world a better place.

Meek Mill has not stopped his grind dedicated to reshaping the criminal justice system and we’re all better for it. But the rapper has announced new steps in his plan, which now involve Michael Rubin. The e-commerce billionaire and 76ers co-owner has linked up with the rapper to launch a foundation to help reshape the […]

Meek Mill Changes His Mind,  Decides Not To Visit White House To Talk Prison Reform Earlier today, news broke that Meek Mill would be visiting the White House as to speak on prison reform. But he soon realized that that wasn’t the best idea and decided to pull out. “I was originally scheduled to be part […]

Meek canceled a White House summit appearance amid Black Democrats' fight against a controversial prison reform bill.

Lil Wayne Announces the fourth annual Lil Weezyana Fest The new trend of rappers putting on their own festivals to give their hometowns a taste of their musical taste is catching on and Lil Wayne was one of the first. Thankfully, the Louisiana rapper has announced that he’ll be following up last year’s Lil Weezyana […]

His appearance at the Celtics game in Boston came hours after he said, "I'm still not a free man."