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It's time to bring the justice system into its crosshairs.

In hip-hop couple news, it seems as if your favorite GOD MC, Nasir Jones and the Queen of the Barbz, Nicki Minaj have pulled the plug on their short love affair. After just about six months of dating, the two have decided to go their separate ways. Aside from a few Instagram posts and a […]

The Philly rapper continues to fight for his freedom.

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The FBI has launched an investigation into the judge who issued a firm sentence of two to four years for Meek Mill in a probation violation case that has prompted nationwide protests.

The Front

A Pennsylvania judge has sentenced the rapper to two to four years behind bars for violating his probation.


The rapper already responded to the rumors.

Meek Mill's #BikeLife behavior got him arrested in NYC on Thursday.


This won't end well.