Last week, Angela Valdes’ death on the Power’s premiere set the tone for the show’s sixth and final season, and that is revenge. Ghost thinks he has settled the score with Tommy after he sprayed his iconic mustang with bullets. He will learn that he was sadly mistaken and just made matters much worse for […]

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. Power’s sixth and final season is here. It picks right up where last season’s cliffhanger ended with Angela(Lela Loren) taking a bullet to the chest for Ghost (Omari Hardwick). It’s a race against time with Angie’s life hanging in the balance. We quickly learn […]

Game over. The battle for the Iron Throne has come to an end, and its occupant is the last person people predicted would be ruling Westeros. Last week, we saw Daenerys succumb to her daddy’s mad gene and reduce King’s Landing to ash finishing what he wanted to start when he screamed “burn them all” […]

Cersei thought she was the baddest bitch in all of Westeros but quickly learned the hard way her reign as the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms is coming to an end. The final straw? Her ordering Sir Zombie Gregor to chop off Daenerys’ trusted advisor Missandei’s head to flex her muscle. The Mother of Dragons’ […]

The death of two central characters could have sent Daenerys off the deep end.

Last week on Game of Thrones everyone was BIG HORNY waiting for the arrival of the Night King. Finally, television’s most prominent villain and his army of wights showed up and showed the hell out in the most extended episode of the season clocking in 82 minutes. If you think we didn’t have time for […]