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For the first time since 1983, Budweiser and other brands like Coca-Cola and Audi will not air a commercial during the Super Bowl this year.

Instead, the St. Louis-based brewer is opting to digitally run a 90-second emotional piece called “Bigger Picture” up to and during the Super Bowl. The advert celebrates first responders who volunteered to be among the first people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as moments of strength and courage in the past year.

Furthermore, the money that would have normally been spent on a commercial will be donated to the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative. According to Business Insider, the average cost for a 30-second Super Bowl advert is $5.25 million, so it will be a substantial amount put towards promoting vaccine awareness.

“In the face of the largest public health crisis of our time, we need to ensure Americans have accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines so they can make informed choices for themselves and their families,” said Lisa Sherman, President, and CEO of the Ad Council. “By working together across industries, we can provide life-saving educational resources to the public, and we’re thankful for Budweiser’s extraordinary commitment that will help bring our nation one step closer to recovery.”

Northwestern University’s Tim Calkins, who teaches marketing strategy, also spoke about the sensitivity of tone around the pandemic and what messages that brands like Budweiser are hoping to send in these times. “I think it’s going to be emotion about perseverance and improvement and a sense of internal empowerment.”

Actress Rashida Jones was tapped to narrate the 90-second spot, especially for the work on her podcast Ask Big Questions and her interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci about the future of congregation in a post-pandemic world. “I’m proud to lend my voice to the “Bigger Picture” film,” said Jones. “Budweiser shares my commitment to advocating for COVID-19 prevention and vaccine awareness and education. I’m happy to be a part of Budweiser’s celebration of our resilience and hope during these challenging times.”