Civil Rights & Social Justice

The Fresh Prince posted a video he's calling 'No Justice, No Peace,' in honor of the protests going on around the world.

Michael Jordan is no longer sitting on the bench when it comes to matters affecting the Black community.

Add online sneaker marketplace, GOAT to list of companies stepping in the fight against social and racial injustice.

Michael Jordan and The Jordan Brand have announced a $100,000,000 donation over the next decade to "drive real impact for the Black community." Details insde.

The footwear company is joining other corporations who are donating to the #BlackLivesMatter cause.

As Arbery's lawyer, Lee Merritt, updated the public on the new details that emerged, he also shouted out Jay-Z for being supportive. 

New Orleans native and life-long Saints fan, Wendell Pierce responded to him educated Brees on why his statements were incredibly tone-deaf.

Some people will never be able to grow beyond their ignorance — and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees seems to be one of those empty-minded, unenlightened, backward people.

Redd's fund will help with: testing in relation to COVID-19, treatment/hospital bills as related to COVID-19, injuries obtained while protesting, and bail relief and/or court expenses for protestors.