Every year, some people go out of their way to be offensive on Halloween.

TMZ reports the British douche started harassing three Black kids for no apparent reason.

Lamar Jackson has taken the NFL by storm. It’s his second season in the league and after people tried to force him to be a receiver rather than a quarterback he’s balling out. His QBR rating is through the roof and the only thing more impressive than his arm, is his ability to run. Rarely […]

Just a day ago rapper Trina went viral after a video surfaced of her confronting a woman in a Walmart who allegedly called her the N-Word. After watching the video everyone wondered what exactly went down to have Trina, a normally calm person to be acting in such a manner. Now, the Florida native has […]

Major League Baseball —and in particular the New York Yankees— are the latest sports organization taking a stance against racial discrimination. As per a report from The New York Daily News, the team pulled Kate Smith’s 1939 rendition of “God Bless America” from their seventh-inning routine. The reason for the sudden cancellation stems from the […]