The fine folks on Twitter are still stirring over the controversy regarding country music star Jason Aldean’s lynch-happy song and video, “Try That in a Small Town,” which Country Music Television recently pulled from its platform. In case you’re unfamiliar with the video, it has been criticized as lowkey racist because that’s pretty much what […]


One baseball announcer had a slip up on-air of epic proportions.  The Oakland Athletics are the laughingstock of Major League Baseball due to their deplorable stadium conditions, and now their play-by-announcer, Glen Kuiper has Black folks looking at him sideways. Glen Kuiper quickly said he was sorry after “accidentally” said the N-word, the one with […]

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Scott Adams said Black people should be considered a hate group.


Every year, some people go out of their way to be offensive on Halloween.


TMZ reports the British douche started harassing three Black kids for no apparent reason.