Apple Arcade is a $4.99/month subscription service that gives users access to 100 or more mobile games. According to Ars Technica, none of the games are microtransaction-driven titles. They are all premium titles, and many are from prestigious designers and studios like Zach Gage (SpellTower, Really Bad Chess), Snowman (Alto’s Odyssey), Dinosaur Polo Club (Mini […]

September has become synonymous with Apple’s annual event and 2019 didn’t disappoint. Apple got the announcements of the Apple Card,  and iOS 13 out of the way back in March and decided to focus on perfecting a few of its staple products that are sure to keep Apple fanboys and casual buyers salivating… until they can […]

Despite being born without any arms or legs, Coach Rob Mendez isn’t looking for any sympathy. Mendez also doesn’t let the fact that he is differently-abled slow him down. His determination to live his life and coach youth football earned him the 2019 ESPY Jimmy V Award for Perseverance. He captured the hearts of Americans […]

If you live in China and want to get your hands on a pair of exclusive Jordans, Reeboks or YEEZYs grail shopping has gotten much easier for you. Online sneaker marketplace GOAT launched a version of its app on July 22 that is exclusive to the country. Alongside the app, a WeChat Mini Program was […]

The #Faceappchallenge is a new trend that has completely taken social media by storm, the challenge uses an app called Face App which uses artificial intelligence to digitally age your face. This challenge has been done by celebs like Drake, Kevin Hart, and even the Jonas Brothers. Since the app has become wildly popular in […]

With the NBA season now over and free agency taking the sports world by storm, it’s almost time to hit the gridiron once again. The 2019-20 NFL season is quickly approaching, and that means Madden season is upon us. With the arrival of the latest game in the famed football video game franchise, it’s time […]

Activision has been taking fans of its ridiculously popular first-person shooter franchise Call of Duty to future embracing technology and even taking gamers into outer space. Yesterday (May 30) the company alongside Infinity Ward announced for the next game in the ever-growing franchise will be returning to the game that pretty much put the franchise […]

Like clockwork, Apple is back at it again with debuting new devices and iOS at its annual September event. Last year it debuted the most radical iPhone design ever and this go-round minor updates are the way to go. Check out some of the major changes in Apple’s newest product lineup below.   Apple Watch […]

Apple has been leaking more than a broken faucet. Now we know the latest iPhones will come in more color options, and possibly what the names are. If you think Apple is gonna do what they did last year and skip a number, that won’t be the case. According to rumors, Apple will follow-up the […]