Reports state the change means cannabis and cannabis resin are now acknowledged as having medicinal benefits.

Like so many other artist in the industry, Lil Wayne is now making his way into the business of cannabis. Wayne made it official on Monday, December 2 that he would be entering the newly legal industry. Weezy took to IG to make the announcement, GKUA Ultra Premium is the name of his brand, and […]

Drake seemingly always makes his announcements in extravagant fashion. This most recent event, the rapper sent flowers across downtown Toronto to promote a relatively unknown business venture called “More Life Growth Co.” The boutiques, which were covered in the words “More Life,” were sent to numerous media outlets and of course word began to spread […]

The first-ever cannabis cafe opened in Hollywood on Tuesday. Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, is the official name, and it will be the restaurant that will feature cuisines infused with cannabis. Hollywood decided that they would allow eight cannabis consumption licenses, with more than 300 different businesses applying and Lowell Farms was the first to […]

Sources also say Ray J has been given complete and full control of creativity for his new position.

Illinois marijuana enthusiasts were excited to see that Democratic Governor JB Pritzker signed HB 1438 this week, fulfilling a promise he made while on the campaign trail. The bill makes the state the 11th to make cannabis legal for individuals 21 and older, but that’s not where it stops. According to the Marijuana Policy Project; […]

The donation hopes to study the behavioral and societal effects of cannabis usage.

Products will be hitting shelves throughout nine states.

"While many politicians rightfully tout the economic benefits of legalization, the bigger issue here is one of racial justice."