Like clockwork, Apple is back at it again with debuting new devices and iOS at its annual September event. Last year it debuted the most radical iPhone design ever and this go-round minor updates are the way to go. Check out some of the major changes in Apple’s newest product lineup below.   Apple Watch […]

Apple is heavily rumored to unveil new models of its uber-popular iPhone model today (Sept. 12) but a recent link on its own website might have knocked the wind out of their sails. Not even Apple is safe from leaks apparently, and they have no one to blame but themselves for this apparent gaffe. The accidental slippage […]

Apple has been leaking more than a broken faucet. Now we know the latest iPhones will come in more color options, and possibly what the names are. If you think Apple is gonna do what they did last year and skip a number, that won’t be the case. According to rumors, Apple will follow-up the […]

Apple’s wealth is no secret, but the tech giant is nearing a historic milestone that no public company has ever accomplished. After reporting another strong quarter of profits, the company that Jobs built is nearing $1 trillion in value. To reach the number, Apple’s stock price has to exceed $203 per share, and according to […]

Apple’s annual WWDC, or Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off Monday which means the Apple devices you already own could be getting a fresh coat of paint when it comes to iOS. The update isn’t going to hit your products for a few months but we rounded up a few features that you’ll be wishing you […]

September is a few months away, and you know what that means: iPhone season. Each fall, tech nerds and casual fans alike clamor for the latest smartphones to hit the market because having the latest and greatest will never not be cool. And this year, it looks like Apple has some much-needed improvements coming to […]

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