If you've low-key been following along with Deion Sanders' Colorado Buffs team to get your motivational fix, now you can take it with you.

Back in July, scholar, activist and author Ta-Nehisi Coates quietly attended a Lexington-Richland Five School Board meeting prompted by the South Carolina district’s decision to end a Chapin High School AP Language teacher’s lesson on Coates’ 2015 nonfiction bestseller, Between the World and Me.  And because Black people really can’t tell our stories without white people getting […]


Ian Fleming Publications Ltd is set to release revised versions of the classic James Bond novels to eliminate racism.

The trailer for Octavia Butler’s Kindred shows a Black woman saving a drowning white child in period clothing only to be met with a shotgun in her face by a man who is presumably his father.

NBA guard Steph Curry has undeniably cemented his place in NBA history. Now, the 33-year old NBA champion wants to share more of his history away from the game, too, with his plan for an eight-figure deal about his memoirs.

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The Bible counts, too.